Puhkerand logistic centre



438 km to Stockholm, Sweden (ferry)

341 km to Kapellskar, Sweden (ferry)

135 km to Helsinki, Finland (ferry)
354 km to St. Petersburg, Russia (road, railway)

325 km to Riga, Latvia (road, railway)



The real estate, land unit called “Puhkerand” is 23.4 ha in size and is located on the Pakri Peninsula, in Laokula village , Keila Parish, Harju County. It borders on the northwest with the city of Paldiski, on the southwest and the south with Pakri Bay and to the north with a main road. It is located 50 km northwest of Tallinn.

The real estate is located in the significant action sphere of the city of Paldiski and its most important enterprise is the Paldiski South Harbour. Preconditions for thereof: -distance of only 0.8 km from the Paldiski South Harbour;-possibility to erect a railroad branch: 1 km from the main arterial road;-logistically favourable location;-shortness of similar plots.


The plot can be used for the following purposes:-for building an infrastructure necessary for the commercial harbour; -as a logistics centre/technological park;-for developing a wind park.


Possibilities of a logistics centre on the plot would be realised through new ranges of goods, such as vehicles and other equipment shipped via the Paldiski South Harbour and also through handling of trailer goods and containers.

Business opportunity - Paldiski port land



Area: 234 000m2


Registration no: 55458 ; cadastral unit:



Purpose of use: business/port land


No liabilities.


From the north the land unit borders with a main road, from the northwest with the city of Paldiski, from the south and southwest with Pakri Bay and from the east with a privately held neighbouring plot. The land unit is of trapezium-shape and determined with 12 fiducial marks. There are the ruins of the former border guard building belonging to the former Soviet Unit in the southwestern corner of the land unit. The ground is level, inclined towards Pakri Bay, with the form of a treeless grassland.



Detailed planning

Land unit is divided into 3 plots


178508 m2 land plot has been prepared for area Logistic Centre under construction


44818 m2 land plot

1. 10713 m2 for transportation


An environmental impact assessment programme has been prepared. With detailed planning the construction of water, sewerage, rainwater, power supply and street lighting, heat supply and telecommunication systems have been solved.


Puhkeranna tee 1 
183 700 m2, commercial property

  • total number of buildings - 15, with a maximum of two levels.

  • maximum height of the buildings - 12 metres. 

  • the largest construction area possible - 36 000 square metres.

  • the largest gross building area possible - 72 000 square metres.

Puhkeranna tee 
11 045 m2, transportation property 

Intended for the construction of road and communications.

Puhkeranna roheala 
46 200 m2, public green space area

  • The plot can be divided into smaller units

  • Power supply capacity is 2 MW and the connection is planned from Paldiski South Harbour

  • Water supply and sewage until 50 m3 / day is solved in cooperation with the neighboring Raja land unit

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